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Finite Element Modelling of Auxetic Materials for Sports Applications

Todd Shepherd Heather Driscoll Keith Winwood Praburaj Venkatraman Andrew Alderson Tom Allen


Auxetic materials have a negative Poisson’s ratio; they get thinner when compressed and thicker when stretched, which can lead to improved mechanical properties such as increased energy absorption and resistance to indentation. A potential application of these materials is protective sport equipment, where impact forces, and hence the risk of injury, can be reduced. Existing work shows this potential but involves time-consuming development and experimental testing of material samples. The aim ...

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Finite element model of a snowboard wrist protector

Chloe Newton-Mann Nick Hamilton Keith Winwood Heather Driscoll Tom Allen


The forearm and wrist account for around 35 to 45% of all injuries in snowboarding. Wrist protectors can prevent such injuries by limiting wrist hyperextension and attenuating impact forces. There are a range of wrist protector concepts, but little consensus as to which designs offer the most protection. Experimental protocols have been developed for characterising wrist protectors. While these experimental protocols are effective for analysing current products they are limited when it comes to ...

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