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Science & Engineering Research Symposium

13th September 2018

#SciEngSymp2018 What’s The Point?

The 2018 annual Manchester Metropolitan University Science & Engineering research symposium is up-on us!

The symposium showcases the great work being undertaken by research students within the Faculty of Science & Engineering. Whether you are a student, early careers researcher, faculty member or a member of the wider scientific community, the annual symposium gives insight into the world-class research taking place in the heart of Manchester.

A single day free event, the symposium is an ideal forum for researchers to meet and exchange ideas in emerging areas of research.

If you have any queries please email us at: sciengresearchsymp@mmu.ac.uk or you can also Tweet to us (esp. if you have a query during weekend).

Curious about what to expect? Check Symposium 2018 photos on our Flickr page.

What’s The Point?

This year’s theme is, Science – whats the point? Why does it matter? And can you explain it? Increasingly, we have to justify what we are doing and communicate it in an accessible way – important for publicising our work, attracting funding and demystifying science to engage the next generation of scientists.

The objective of the symposium are to provide research students with the opportunity to have their work peer-reviewed and to present and publish their work and to provide early career researchers, MRes, MPhil and PhD students with the opportunity to learn the process of organising and running of a conference.

The symposium aims to encourage interdisciplinary research within MMU by both building and strengthening connections between Computer Science, Chemistry, Informatics, Biology, Engineering, Mathematics, Geography, Biomedical Science, Nutrition, Sport, Animal Behaviour, Conservation and related disciplines.

It is a safe environment to practice your research, public speaking, presentation skills before going to a professional research conference

This is an amazing networking opportunity!

This symposium has happened!

The call for abstracts has now closed.

We look forward to showing you the best of research at MMU

Venue John Dalton Building, Manchester, United Kingdom

Building bridges between scientific and local knowledge in relation to flooding and pollution.

Maria Loroño-Leturiondo

An initial scoping survey that we conducted found that flooding and pollution are the main environmental concerns amongst Greater Manchester citizens. Building resilient communities in the face of these environmental hazards requires raising awareness, and establishing genuine two-way dialogue between experts with scientific knowledge, and non-experts with local knowledge and real-life experiences.

Finding forms of communication that work in raising awareness and in facilitating ...

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Investigating Mechanisms Underlying Trans-generational Inheritance of Depression and Cognition in Offspring

Reema ALYamani

Social stressors such as impaired maternal care and family conflict are robust challenges, which can have long-term physiological and behavioural effects on the offspring.

The aim of this study is to explore mechanisms underlying the inheritance of stress including: 1, epigenetic, neuroendocrine and immune alterations; 2, factors in breast milk; 3, genetic susceptibilities.

A rat model of transgenerational maternal chronic social stress (CSS) has been studied for ...

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Finite element model of a snowboard wrist protector

Chloe Newton-Mann

The forearm and wrist account for around 35 to 45% of all injuries in snowboarding. Wrist protectors can prevent such injuries by limiting wrist hyperextension and attenuating impact forces. There are a range of wrist protector concepts, but little consensus as to which designs offer the most protection. Experimental protocols have been developed for characterising wrist protectors. While these experimental protocols are effective for analysing current products they are limited when it comes to ...

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